I’ve signed a contract.



the paper was poured

with words,

stained by blue;

by blues.

There are million reasons

to not let my hand move

and to not let the ink

embroid changes,

so huge changes,

my heart’s not equipped

to reject



It wasn’t your surface;

It wasn’t the way you shine;

It wasn’t your glimmering dust;

nor your striking sight


I lied.

It was you,

it was everything about you,

my typical confusion.



I’ve signed a contract.


“I like the moon. It wasn’t hard to be enthralled by its beauty even from immeasurable distance.”



You look so strong

as if you never slept

with a tear-stained face

and a soul so scarred

—a heart so scared


You let your eyes transmute

into thin curve lines whenever

you smile

as if nothing was missing

You are filled with glistening dust

—and the blinding vivacity of sparks

I was gravely searching

even for un-lustrous stars

to offer an add up to your museum

and unceasingly restore those shining eyes

But as much as I intend to,

I recalled that,

the only One who can complete

the starry night within you

is the One who created







“Shine, always.”


2017 Denouement

A year ago, I stepped into a life I never imagined to have, or a world with a question mark of what was to become.

I can still remember the lens with fireworks bokeh and the seemingly endless sparks with glistening dust in the nightly skies. I can still remember enjoying each scenario while looking at the people around me noticing nothing but the curve attached to their lips and magical sprinkles caught in their eyes. Little did I know, I was unknowingly walking to a year of lessons, realizations, what if’s, what could have been’s, temporary notions, unnecessary attachments, understanding that college isn’t just college, bumpy roads, sequence of emotional ride, failures, falling, standing up again, letting the wind, anxiety, happiness, commitment, hate, love, unsaid feelings, adult-ing, thank you’s, welcome’s, goodbye’s, promises, surrendering people to God, reminding myself to love like Jesus, a year of poetry, of song writing, of writer’s and reader’s block, up to finding the will to pick up the pen and paper again, to strum the guitar once more, to see the brighter side of life, wandering, wondering, chapters of untold stories, building walls and letting the cracks be there, embracing the people who stayed and saying thank you for those who are no longer part of the story, series of I hate you self and yeah, I’m proud of you too Marose but most predominantly, a year of “Yes, LORD.”

One thing I learned, it was not all about the “Sukuan mo na” of this world. It was all about the “Isuko mo na” of God.

So to the one who’s reading this, God will set fire deep down the cavern of your soul–your spirit. He already conquered the battles for your heart and set it ablaze with His love. In the midst of being lost, the soul will always follow the path to its home–its safe haven. Let God be your safe haven. He is cheering for your progress. You survived a year and you can do it again because He is with you. We did it. We survived a year of haywire rollercoaster ride with some free travel to mars and back with side trip to pluto while eating some bitter, sweet and sour gummies toppled with cheese—cause everything’s good with cheese—and onions. How was that right?

Joyful new year, brave warrior. We’re proud of you.


Untitled-1 copy - Copy.jpg

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord, Your God will be with you wherever you go.” –Joshua 1:9

Hey 2018, God is with me, I am ready.


He is;

my first dauntless step,

away from the comfort

of the four-cornered cage;


He is, as well

my favorite

looking back bend

–over and over,




He is;

a beautiful adventure,

that makes me

want to try;


He is, also

the smell of my bed

where I find rest,

eraser of cries

and they said;


tend to

follow the


to its


“Lead me







Intersecting Point

i saw you looking
tracing your fingers to the sky,
with the whole scenario,
there was
something missing.
your eyes
they have no shimmer.

i want to
refurbish the radiance
but you were seemingly drifting,
into an infinite galaxy,
into a black hole of thoughts.

i whispered,
i prayed,
that you’d look past
the constellations
you were trying to make
‘cause the One behind those stars
is making the ‘you’
that will outshine
the battle within you.

“meet Him at the intersecting point of you and the stars.”



I dreamt of you last night. You were looking somewhere. Your eyes were glistening. Your eyes couldn’t contain much of the galaxy that desiring to surge out. You were greatly devoured by something splendid, something delightful. Your soul was glistening with hues of rainbows and sparkling dust. Then I tried to take a stride, to be nearby. But, I failed, as my body felt the crystal wall. Out of my ware, I beaten it with all my strength, trust me that I tried, struggling my way towards you, while you were there, standing and spellbound with the exquisiteness of everything. “That is not your paradise my dear.” I heard a voice, a Manly voice. The familiarity of it made me feel the serenity that I was yearning for, the calmness that has long vanished when you gave nothing but insanely beats. “But…” I was about to protest. “Here is where you should be. Trust me.” It was painful, but hearing the words from Him mended the gashes that were about to be molded. My gaze traveled back to the other side of the crystal wall, and you were there. Not minding the other part of where you were, the portion where I was in.

I dreamt of you last night. You were looking somewhere. Your eyes were sparkling. But those glimmers weren’t made for me. “You are not my paradise.”



When the world I made stops gyrating

And my core stops screaming

I will straightly look at you



–that I’m no longer aching


Mapaghangad ba ‘kong iisipin?

Dalanging ang bawat berso ng awit mo’y para sa akin

Masyado bang mapag-angkin?

Kung patuloy na hihiligin;

–ang pagkatok mo’t pagdating


My metamorphosis

Was by your smile;

Those curves, I seize

In my heart, it fits


You weren’t made to fill my gaps

Seeing you with someone else, I lost my gasps

You weren’t made for my grasps

I don’t have mask

Oh you;

Lethal gas


Minamanipula ako ng ‘yong mga tawa

May kung anong kirot, parang pagtama ng bala

Kung pwede lang hulihin ang pagsulyap, sige ako na ang may sala

Ikaw lang kasi;

Ang paborito kong hiwaga


she wants to stop her car
to fetch him out of that
seemingly endless road;
he was standing
under the cosmic nightly skies,
gravely searching for something
maybe unlustrous stars–
ones that longing for home
to furbish their gleams;
in his tee was faded dirt
in his eyes were tears
sluggishly falling
his arms were unhurriedly failing
–failing to protect everything
cause he also needed saving
she was about to open the car door,
when she saw Someone walked near him,
the familiarity of this Man
feels like comfort
feels like home;
she heaves a sigh,
a calmed one;
her hands started igniting the engine,
certain to move forward
cause he was now found,
by the One who also found her;
“Soon enough, the seemingly endless road would be over.”
She uttered.


(n) a low rumble of distant thunder
pronunciation: ‘bron-tld (brawn-tide)

—I am the thunder. And these are my brontides.


Out of my ware, every single day, I keep falling for this man—someone whose heart belongs to someone else—someone who I shouldn’t grasp the notion of being with.  He’s gentle, so sweet and a man of chivalry. No one can purposely ignore that. In this universe of parading one’s self, he’s a man of humility. I, with my utmost power, tried my very best to ignore the heartbeats but, I, I failed. And I, I fell.


Yours is the face

That light up my days

It showed me the way

It blew me away

Away from my fears

And all of my tears

Far from despair

And what I can’t bear

Only closer

Closer to Your care


And when it’s time; you must learn to let go of something you’re afraid to lose.


She found the entry point to the labyrinth of trouble when he smiled.


I was told to never look at the eyes, cause those were oblivion waiting for one’s downfall. “You’ve got entrancing hazel brown eyes there.” I uttered.


My pen inked the sheet as my hand started strumming the strings.

Dear, the picturesque sight of your smile’s making me sing.


They said soulmates have resemblance with each other as for the notion that they were angels above fighting the never ending battle. Lost from the war, they were separated into two beings—blindly searching for the other half in their lifetimes. And apparently you’ve lost the battle.

The question is; would you find the other half? Before the world be consumed by sin and hatred?


“How have you been?”

He asked.

Here, still riding the roller coaster of confusion that I have never paid myself to be into.

“Oh, been doing good.”


Some people keep searching for that certain kind of love in this world, a love that can only be found on the cross.


Happiness isn’t about measuring the sadness of infinite galaxy to prove itself.


Tell me;

How would you say that you feel so empty without making people act as if you’re the saddest piece here on earth?

What it is that you will do, when the entire world need saving but no one notice you need it too?

Who are you when you are not wearing that facade, the mask that the world requires you to wear every single day?

And when home doesn’t feel like home, where would you go?

Tell me;

“Is my life another sad story?”