Welcome to the society’s chaotic inception.

They have hushed me,
For this is my society,
Their words were like knives,
Each letters and syllables will take your life.
That kid on the street,
Ultimately pleading on his knees,
But he was hushed too,
Just because he was begging to… live.

They have muted me,
For this is my society,
Their thoughts were like snake,
It will slither on your body,
Until every morsel of your flesh be shaken,
Until all the blood in your veins be drained.
That sexually harassed victim,
The society killed her dreams,
For they were judging her in accordance to what they believe,
She was muted too,
Just because she was asking to… live.

They have silenced me,
For this is my society,
Their mindset was lethal,
Every move will cause damages that are fatal.
Can you see the blood-bath wars?
And the scattered fears like stars?
How about the victims’ internal scars?
They chose to be silenced,
Just because they were pleading to… live.

They have sewed my mouth,
For this is my society,
A society of false stories,
No-mercy killing,
Bad faith calling,
Extortion of millions,
Suffering of billions,

They have suppressed me,
For this is my society,
Where people emphasize nothing but your wrongs,
No one ever bother themselves to look beyond.
A society where the central point is a mixture of hypocrisy, chaos and pin-pointing diversity,
A society where everyone wants to… live,
Because everyday feels like an emotional, mental and spiritual’ killing spree.

I hope the second part of this poem will say;
Welcome to the society’s covenant of beautiful denouement.

But when?


End this, for we want to speak.


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