Moving Forward

And I’ve decided to move forward.

Moving forward doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to take an accelerative step and never look back. I think it’s more on having a higher level of maturity and concentrating in new set of priorities. We all do have different urgencies or main concerns, but choosing to take a step forward means changing how your gaze perceived some things. Moving forward isn’t just about letting go, ‘cause letting go means that you are going to lose your grip on something or someone but your heart will still yearn for it. While writing this, I realized that my totality desires to move forward and the only thought I have in my mind as of the moment is that; it means giving up. Yes, giving up—giving up your old life, giving up the things you used to live your life with, giving up your old habits, giving up your favorite sins, giving up the last piece of pizza, giving up your comfortable seat in public transpo, giving up the last coin in your pocket to give it to that poor little boy you saw in the street, giving up your favorite band, giving up your mediocrity—giving up your comfort zone. Because giving up means giving up. There’s no turning back. Moving forward means being afraid to what’s coming but still taking the other lane that was rightly designated for you. It means that you are going to see life in a new horizon and taking a huge leap, a massive jump to whatever it is that you are terrified of. Taking your first step is indeed scary. It might be that simple, but it is never easy, never will it be.

I’ve decided to give up—my sins, my over analyzer persona, my detestable self, my directioner being, my agony, my old baddie habits—and this space isn’t enough to enumerate everything that I want to turn my back on.

And I’ve decided to move forward.

I’m on my way. 


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