Earthquake Story

Where to start? I actually don’t know why I’m writing this one. To escape, maybe? I don’t know. I just want to tell you what happened yesterday, April 8, 2017, Saturday afternoon at SM Batangas. My block mates and I decided to beat some time at SM because there was a scheduled play that we should watch at exactly 4:00 in the afternoon. Everything was fine, I guess? We were laughing and talking and it seems like our worlds wouldn’t be badly shaken. I never thought we’d experience such kind. It all started when we decided to go to the arcade section of the mall which is at the 2nd floor. Of course, there were kids playing around, families, group of teenagers inside KTV rooms. We were enjoying the whole thing when suddenly, the ground started shaking. The next thing I knew, I was just standing there, not moving at all, looking for my friends who were not with me when the earthquake struck down. Good thing, my best friend loudly said; “Lumilindol!” And that was the exact moment I traveled back to reality. (When the 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit Batangas last tuesday, I also did the not-moving-at-all-thingy. So yeah, I guess my being’s not really working in times like these). Thoughts drastically consumed me, what about my family, those who were with me… just simply everything that there is to think about. Then I just heard the cracking sound, I was so afraid that the ceiling might fall anytime soon. The first thing that actually came into my mind was the so called ‘THE BIG ONE’ or the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that might hit within our lifetime (according to the researchers). Good thing, we immediately found our 3 friends who were playing on the other side of the place. My best friend, Pachica, was in the front guiding our way to the exit because I think that she was the only one who has sound mind that moment, and I was actually at the back, trying my best to hold the 3 of them together. While running, I tried to look around if there were kiddos around, good thing all of the kids that I saw were with their parents. Everyone was screaming, I heard people loudly praying. Everyone traveled to the age of paranoia when the entire mall lost its light. Once we reached the exit, I wanted to just cry it out but my friends were still at the ‘I-don’t-know-what-to-do’ state, so we immediately gone to the jeepney terminal to go back to our houses. We all wanted to see our families and just simply go home, our safe haven. I’m just so thankful that everyone’s safe. And last night, dreaming of everything wasn’t really pleasing. I just don’t do much bragging about what happened because I don’t want my friends to always remember it (Tho this is my blog and I just want to simply let it all out. Cause that exact moment, death already came to my mind. I was just silently praying to the Lord for I’ve trusted Him the whole thing, my life.) Today, reading some articles, hearing the news and seeing some pictures and posts of the aftermath made me realize things. Good and bad, actually. Waking up with heavy heart wasn’t good. Experiencing such commotions, still hearing people’ screams, scenes still flashing in mind and the entire feeling of welcoming death for a short while weren’t really overwhelming. I’m just so thankful that no one’s physically hurt but sadly, some were internally devastated. I believe that the fear is just there, within each of us and it takes only a little quake to fire it up again. We’re all living in the age of paranoia in times like these. The last thing we should do is to make fun of it and spread deceptive posts—hoax—around as if the whole earthquake thing wasn’t quite alarming. Fate’s knocking on our doors saying that we should start moving, we should start telling people how much we love them (I’m not romanticizing everything, I’m talking in general) before everything went too late. Would you be satisfied with the way you treat your mom, with the last conversation you had with your dad, with the words you said to your brother or sister and with the things you did to your friends? Let that sink. Lastly, please pray. Faith’s also knocking. Pray not because you are in need to do so or just because you want to be saved (the harsh reality). Pray because you want to and your heart is telling you to do so. Pray not just because you want something. Pray because you want to talk to Him. Maybe we really need some saving, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. 

(Photos aren’t mine. Ctto)


Lord God, got you on this. Stand firm. Keep the faith.

“When I am afraid. I will put my trust in You.” -Psalm 56:3

Pray for Batangas. Pray for the Philippines. Pray for the world. The world might be badly shaken but let our faith remain steadfast. This is something we can’t escape from. Whatever happens, happens. Trust God above all, everything else will just follow. 


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