I will write (Suicide Awareness #1)

​I will write you letters. I will write you songs. I will write you sunrise, even sunset. I will write you beautiful things—those that you’ve never seen nor heard. I will write you poems—those you’ve never read. I will write you weird blogs—everything that can make you smile. I will write you the sea. I write you the sun. I will write you the moon and the sparkling stars. I will write you new sky. I will write you new universe. I will write you prayers. I will write you, yes, you. I will tell the world how wonderful you are, how beautiful you are even though you were consumed by the system of this world. You’ll be a masterpiece, a sad yet magnificient masterpiece. I will. I will. But if you don’t want me to write anything, I’ll just give you the blank sheets and the pen, embroid whatever you want, tell me what you can, the reasons of the bags under your eyes, of those scars, those shaking hands of yours and erratic beatings of your heart. Just write everything out. From your 3am thoughts to your breakdowns. From the moment you doubted Him to the scenario where He gave you strength to still stand up. From that exact moment when you decided to give up to the moment when He gave you His love. Write everything down. But if you don’t have enough strength to even move your hands. Speak. For I will listen. We will listen. God will listen. 

We are tryingto demonstrate that someone is always listening #SuicideAwareness

Lifeline (02) 804-4673 (HOPE)


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