Ever wonder?

Ever wonder? What if you have turned the other way around or walk to the different side of the road? Would you have fallen inlove with other instead of that someone you’re inlove with right now? What if you said sorry to that someone who you have bumped with the other day? Would he/she look at you and flash a smile that would give you an entry ticket to his/herlife? What if you applied to a different college? What if you’d actually pick the course that you want ever since? What if you’re not afraid to take every chance that the world has offered you? All those scenarios, all those people who might have been huge parts of your life if you consider the other choice, ever wonder where they are? Or what would happen if you chose the way that would lead you to them instead of where you are at this exact moment? The perpetual dancing of your thoughts with the rhythm of what if’s and what could have been’s. What if your guts told you the other way around before? Just think of the possible outcomes of your choices. Just think of how a simple answer to a simple question can change the course of your lifetime. Just think of the concept of fate, collision and serendipity, the riffling and domino effect. Just think. Aren’t you afraid? That maybe the next second you are actually making the choice that will change… everything.


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