The Right One

​Growing up, we, humans, we ought to search for what we thought is right. Far too many of us crave for perfection. Because we’re afraid; afraid of being with the wrong person, afraid of not having a taste of those fairytale-like scenarios, afraid of being hurt, being left behind, being second choice, being sad, being this—just this. We’re afraid. We’re stuck in the notion of looking for what is ‘right’. Because of the thinking that the right one will never hurt us, will never let us down, will never break a heart, the right one is the best, the perfectly fit half we’re searching for. But nah. Let me tell you that there’s no such thing as ‘right one’ if those listed above were your definitions of it. 

The right one will slap you with the opposition of your daydreams. Simply because he will unleash the strong creature within you and kiss the weakest parts. The right one will just teach you.
But the thing is: it is you and just you who can make the right ‘you’.


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