2016 wasn’t your year

The moment your gaze fall to this post. I just want to greet you a happy new year. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. Whatever it is that you are doing. Thank you. Cause your time? It’s too precious and I don’t want you to waste it just by reading this. But I guess, nothing can stop you. So here how it goes.

2016? It wasn’t your year right? 

This is the year that changes occured instantaneously that you’ve had a hard time coping up with everything. This is the year of your why’s, what if’s, what could have been’s. This is a year that you’ve felt like you’ve entered a labyrinth, and it was just too complicated to find your way out so you just gave it up. Now, you’re stuck—still stuck. There are lots of things that happened that made you acknowledged the thought of giving up. And there was exactly one scenario that took all the courage that was left in you.

This year, you felt the need to have a permanent vacation.

This year, you felt the need to close your eyes to stop all the pain.

This year, you felt alone.

You felt lost.

You felt immovable.

You felt paralyzed.

You felt damned.

You felt all the feelings that has put you to the edge of surrendering even the smallest piece of gratefulness flowing in your veins.

And now that you’ve come to this point. I just want you to know that; you’ve survived. The 366 days weren’t as dark as you thought it was. The 366 days also consists of endless happiness, of laughters until your stomach is aching, of smiles, of gratefulness, of love, of hope, of courage, of yes-I-did-it moments, of lovely sleep, of travels, of unexplainable bliss… of Him ☝

You made it dear.

You might be scarred, bruised and tired but you made it. And this is what exactly what I love about new years.

New beginnings.

New perspective.


2016 wasn’t your year nor 2017. It wasn’t anyone’s. Cause you can’t simlply own the time, days, weeks, months and years—and rant if it didn’t go exactly the way you want it—without owning your life. You need to actually live your life or rather love your life first in order to see things in a way that it should be seen. 

Maybe that’s what it take to make every year like yours for the taking.

2016 wasn’t your year right?

Cause you didn’t make it yours. So be wise for the coming ones 🙂


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