Just Two Strangers

She saw the people around him and realization strikes like thunderbolt; she didn’t reach the standards to get an entry ticket that will justify the fact that she can enter his twisted—complicated—haywired life.

With that, she didn’t utter ‘Hi’

“Look at me, look at you. Are you sure you want to acknowledge that we know each other?” Telepathically, she asked him.

He’s there—too far, too unreachable—laughing like there’s no tomorrow. And she’s happy with the fact that he’s happy. So, she decided to slowly retreat, she wants to leave no sign of her. She started walking away from the whole scenario.

With her are the bunch of chances she have wasted, bunch of what if’s and should have’s.

On the other side…

He’s looking at her retreating back, waiting for a smile or a ‘Hi’ as she promised. But nothing came, cause she already accepted her defeat. She just can’t unlock his mystery.

He’s bound to be unsolved.

She’s bound to be a shy and timid girl.

They are bound to be strangers, just two strangers…

with the certain kind of knowingness.

The end.


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