Second Chance

“Do you believe in second chance?


“Does everyone deserves it?”

Everyone does, everyone deserves second chance.

Before, we tend to forgive because we dont want to lose them. As we grew older, we realized that we gave it to them not because it will guarantee that they wont leave us but because we’re giving them a chance to change, to be better, to correct their wrong doings. But second chance doesnt mean going back to what you were before as easy as 123, it doesnt mean keeping the fire alive quickly, it doesnt mean trusting again fully. It takes time. It means “Im giving this to you to fix yourself, so that you dont have to worry about me being mad at you, you dont have to wake up everyday single day not giving yourself a chance because I didnt. Im giving it, not for me, not for us but just for you, you, alone. So you can walk to the right path again.” (Well, this isn’t applicable only for lovers. Let’s be general, family, friends)

It’s okay to give chances. Give it. Never hesitate. If they didn’t use those chances wisely, the problem isn’t yours anymore. Second chance means selflessness.

Yes, everyone deserves second chance because God gave not just once or twice but… endless. Not for His own good but for us.


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