The Mermaid

“You will have your heart’s desire. Your tail will be divided into two until they become a pair of human legs. The people will look at you as the most graceful human being. But you will not be able to utter any words, the only thing you can do is to dance for the Prince to get his heart. But I will remind you that every step you’ll take will make you feel as if you’re walking on the floor full of sharp broken glasses. Every step will caused you pain. And never underestimate the power of what you’ll feel. It’s hell Ariel, it’s hell. Are you willing to suffer?” said the sea witch.

“Yes.” She closed her eyes and accepted her reality as some scenes of gaining a human soul and being loved by the Prince flashes through her mind finding their way through her heart.

She chose to feel pain in exchange for the love of a human that she won’t ever feel.


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