People are allowed to feel pain and heavy agony ’cause life’s one helluva ride.

Honestly, others are just loyal to their needs to you. If you’re no longer beneficial then you’re no longer needed. This is the game of life. The weight of your worth is different from their point of views. It’ll take a long time to find someone who care less about you not-so-perfect side. People will abuse you, step on you, put you down and they can even kick you to the dirt. But here’s the catch—you can stand up and wash it away.

Life will only be a ‘game over’ when you die—but now that you’re still kicking and alive, try this so called method: SURVIVING. And here’s another thing people should realize; stop letting your sh*ts eat you alive and do everything to make that ‘helluva’ ride a ‘heaven’ one.

Be used to the pain. We’re human, it’s necessary.


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