You’ve given me purpose, Lord God

“1… 2… 3…”

I can count the steps—I’m steps closer away from it, from the only thing I’ve been wishing for my whole life. But as I tried to stretch my hands—it was starting to fade and with just a blink of an eye… it was gone.

Sadness ruled over.

I just let my glance falls to the other side, only to find someone there—he’s too far yet I can visualize him even with the bright rays of light covering his face. He’s intently looking at me and he speaks; “It’ll be okay. Trust me. It’ll be.”

With those words, I felt my body under the state of motion. A certain force’ dragging me to somewhere I don’t know. “You’ll see light at the end of this tunnel. You’ll even see rainbows. You can survive. I know you can.” The voice said.

I felt a relief. I felt that kind of peacefulness resting here on my mind, finding its way to my heart.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I’m your Father.” He answered

There’s a long pause. Before he finally said who he was.

“I’m God.”

Worries stops here.


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