“Don’t you think there’s always something unspoken between two people?”
-Tennessee Williams


I’m intently looking at the sky, admiring the enchanting golden moon and how it glows to give us light. Some part of it is surreptitiously hidden, it’s peeking through the dark sky as if embarrassed by something when in fact there’s nothing to be embarrassed about being beautiful up there-being fantasized by everyone.

I’m looking outside the window and still drown in my fantasies when someone tapped my shoulder.

“Uuwi na ako. Ikaw ga?”

Jena told me. She’s my classmate and well, close friend. It’s been months since I entered this university and she’s the only friend I have.

With a smile, “Hindi pa. I’ll just finish this. Ingat ha.” I answered.

“Sige. Ako’y inaantok na.” She’s yawning while saying that. Then she immediately waved goodbye.

I can’t blame her. It’s 7 PM and we’re still finishing this paperworks for psychology since like forever. She’d done her part and it’s time for me to add the final touch.

It takes half an hour before I finished the whole work. I tossed all my things on my backpack so that I can go home before my curfew. When I reached the lobby, I saw how isolated the place is. On the second thought, I don’t want to go home yet.

I pulled out my favorite book from my bag. This is a good place to read, no annoying noises, no interruptions-a good place to escape reality for an ephemeral moment. I gaze at the digital clock on the wall and it’s 7:46pm already.

I sat down, leaning against the wall with my legs crossed. But before I can open the book, a guy sat on the floor and lean against the opposite wall copying my position. He pulled out a book from his bag which to my surprise, is also the same book I am reading right now.

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher.

This scene was so odd, two strangers with the same book and reading it in front of each other. I just shrugged off the thought and let myself drown to Hannah Baker’s world.

Time really flies. When I gazed at the clock it’s already 9:58pm. I immediately grab my bag and search for my phone. When I found it, I saw 13 missed calls and 4 text messages, all from my Mom. I’m doomed!

I look at this weird guy, he’s still reading. I don’t know what has gotten into me but I have this sudden urge to talk to him.

I inhaled an insane courage before I ask, “Kuya, hindi ka pa ga uuwi?”

He didn’t answer my question and didn’t even looked back. I find it rude and embarrassing. Well it’s my fault, I shouldn’t have asked. Before I could turn away and leave, his gaze falls to me. He just gave me a quizzical look as if asking me if I said something. Maybe he didn’t heard me awhile ago.

“Sabi ko, kung hindi ka pa ho uuwi?” I said to him with a little touch if sarcasm in my tone.

He smiled at me, showing a perfect set of teeth and just shrugged off. So that time, I didn’t bother to ask more questions, I just walk out from the scene and decided to go home.


“Natapos mo yung sa psycho? Ba’t parang di ka natulog?” Jena said the moment I reached my seat beside her.

“Gisingin mo na lang ako pag na’diyan na si Sir.”

I said to her before I rest my head on my chair table. Actually, I’ve had a hard time sleeping last night. And it’s strange how my mind’s flying to that guy. I tried to sleep but then, his face would flickered. I still remember his smiles, those perfect set of teeth, those eyes, his hair, his eyeglasses.

Is this some kind of crush to a guy I just met once? It’s sick and it’s not so me. I usually don’t care about boys and their stuffs as long as they’re not meddling on mine.


Before I could go home, my feet dragged me to the lobby again. And my a heart plummet when I saw that he’s already there, reading the same book. Maybe he’s the existing version of Clay Jensen. (Thirteen Reasons Why Character)

A smile finds it way to my lips because of a reason that I don’t even know why. I can’t feel the normalcy of my heart anymore.

Days passed and it became a routine. I always said to Mom that I have some schoolwork to do. We’re always sitting on the floor, leaning on the wall, facing each other while reading the same book over and over again. But I can’t remember a single moment where he insist a conversation or talk to me. I didn’t bother talking to him too because I don’t want him to feel like I have this little crush on him-which is a little bit true.

It’s somehow funny that I felt comfortable in silence and becomes used to it.





Time flies so fast.

It’s the day before the final exam and I don’t think he’ll be on our usual place because we need to study for tomorrow’s examination. Before I could go home, I decided to look if he’s there. A little hope will not ruin my night, I think. If he’s not there then I’ll go home, and if he’s there then, lucky me.

It didn’t surprised me that there’s no sign of him. It’s okay. Studying for the exam is much better than seeing me. Of course, I’m the only one who have this freaking crush on him because he never talk to me and didn’t even bother ask my name.

I felt a heavy feeling on my chest and I decided to go home.

But to my surprised…

When I turn around, I saw him a few inches away from me. A smile is tattooed on his face. He’s holding a blank sheet of bond paper, he then turn it around.

‘Sorry I can’t talk to you’

Then the second one,

‘If only I could… I really love to.’

The third one,

‘I’m Marco’

The fourth sheet,

‘And you are?’

He walks towards me and gave out his hand for a hand shake.

“Ako si Maria.”

With a smile, I accepted his hand.

I think I’ll get a high score for the finals tomorrow.


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