Suicide is never the answer

Don’t be afraid of the monster that might be under your bed. Don’t lose yourself in the process just because of the pain. Don’t let the problems eat you. If you feel like giving up, don’t. If you feel like you are already at your emptiest..
Pray a lot, just pray and pray, focus on other things.
That excruciating pain is not permanent. I don’t want to say, that you’ll be okay, you don’t need wise words, you need acceptance, love and someone who’ll make you feel that you mattered.
Darkness and loneliness can be overwhelming but always look for the tiniest ray of light that will lead you to be better.
It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to shout, to scream…
But it’s not okay to put yourself in Armageddon state, to wear that necklace from evil or to cut your wrist.
Don’t worry. That monster? You’ll never see him on your bed, you’ll never have to worry if he’s still roaming around.
Maybe, just maybe, for now you’re not ok, but you will be.
Someone said to me; don’t give up. When the world’s putting too much weight on you, then deal with it. That’s the only thing you can do. Vulnerability will lead you to nothing.

You don’t know how many people out there who’s fighting just to live. Let go of the things that makes you sad. Your grades, your looks and your problems, don’t let them ruled over you. Don’t be afraid of walking in the same hallway everyday, don’t let their criticisms put you down, don’t let their words be like snake that will slithered on your floor and kill you. Know your worth. Be kind to yourself.

If you’re reading this. Shhh, stop crying. Don’t hurt yourself. We’ll fight together. When worry ends, faith begins. Don’t be tempted with the demon, there are so many people around you that still cares. I’m glad you’re here. The world’s so glad that you’re still here.

Suicide is never the answer. Trust him. Trust God.


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