What if she’s way too different? Most of the time, she’s not experiencing those kind of brokenness and happiness other people said. She’s not feeling it everyday, she’s not feeling it every night. She’ll just feel it once in a blue moon when it’s 3 am and the only company she got is her twisted-overthinker mind, but even if that’s the case she never found someone who’s worthy to fall inlove with. Everyone’s wearing their costumes, pretending to be the people they are not. She doesn’t even know who is who. Trusting no one is the only weapon she got to defend herself in the tragedy that the universe will offer. Well, she’s not looking for anyone. Cause she’s the one who needs to be found—no, again, she doesn’t need to be found cause she’s not lost. She’s just wandering around. She’s stuck nowhere. And I think, she never really fell inlove cause she’s not experiencing what she have watched, saw on big screens or read from some magical chapter of her books. Maybe it’s all a product of her imagination—strange attraction. I dont know, this girl needs a good smash on her head. Maybe, just maybe, when she find the right place where she actually belongs, she’ll invite people to her life. But as of now that she’s still wandering to find the right home for her—just let her push people away. So that no one will share the misery that she’s dealing with everyday.


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