Poem Porn (By Maria)


Here’s all.
Befoe ‘bygones’

Befoe bygones,
Those that comeuppance.
We are labeled as nihilists,
Yet how come we’re able to feel the pain of Achilles?

Befoe bygones,
Let the nostalgia feels be gone.
How we will be oblivious to the pain?
When we’re still holding to the fatal Dementor’s kiss that we gained.

Befoe bygones,
Let the imprints of the past fade with the sands.
The only reason why we are on Armageddon state,
Is because we’re standing on the edge with those memories—putting our souls at stake.

Befoe bygones,
Let it be gone.
For those were hard to decipher.
For bygones are the biggest deceivers.

Here’s all.

Befoe bygones,
Befriend the future that will surely come.



I don’t want to speak..
Cause my words are like knives,
each letters and syllables that will came out
will take your life.

I don’t want to speak..
Cause my thoughts are like snake,
It will slithered on your floor
Until every morsel of your flesh shake,
Until every blood on your veins, drained.

I don’t want to speak..
Cause every words will be lethal.
Yet, will cause aphrodisiac—like drugs.
Pleasure and pain at the same spot.

I don’t want to speak..
Yet, I want to scream,
But, the connectivity of my thoughts to my mouth
Is very thin.
That will cause every phrase to feel
not a bit of something but wholly nothing.

I don’t want to speak..
Cause it will just be a sound of an agonizing pain,
I’ll just spat out three freaking words
and your crappy name.

I don’t want to speak..
Cause as always.. as always..
You’ll never listened, you’ll never think.
Im so done. I’m tired to speak.
The sing-song from my lungs will only
make you sick.



As we lay under the endless sea of stars,
Slowly you let me see your scars.
I heard nothing but the loud sound banging from your chest,
As I tried to solve your complicated quest.

As we saw the Island we wanted to go,
We cross the ocean together—I never left you on shore.
But your hand slipped from mine and It drowned you enough,
You gladly accepted the fall, into the deep ocean you’ll be trap.


She’s sitting on his passenger seat.
He’s looking at her—totally whip and smitten.
Both Goddess of perfection without any room for that so called hamartia.

While on the other side of the road,
someone’s walking alone in the rain,
Wishing that the universe will somehow fall into place.
Wishing for him to be her constant star.
Wishing for the fate to be on her side.
Wishing for that guy who never noticed her.. be out of her mind.
With a long beautiful—breathtaking dream, flashing on her mind, she traveled the world with him for a fleeting moment.
Before realizing..
“Wishing is a waste of time. He’ll never ever be mine.”


“We saw the Island, we wanted to go.
Enthusiastically we crossed the ocean together–you never left me on shore.
But my hand slipped from yours and it drowned me enough.
I’m screaming for your name and immediately, you look back.
I took a hold of your hand, but still the depth of the water consumed me.
Until I realize it’s not the water but just mere fantasies.”


You’re a Dementor I need to get rid.
Cause of the dangerous effect of your lethal kiss.
I need to learn “EXPECTO PATRONUM” the charm of Patronus.
You’ll fade with the guardian shaped as animal–you’re just a ruckus.


People will always say that; you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone or you don’t know the value of something until you’ve lost it. Truth is, you knew what you had, you know the value of it. You’re just afraid to face the fact that you being complacent never thought would lose something important.


The hardest part? To bid goodbye to those people who became part of your life. Those people who you laughed with. Those you cherish the most. Sometimes people come and go and sometimes you’re the one who needs to go in order for you to grow, in order for you to be not dependent on them. Change is the only constant thing. It’s either you’re the one who’s not meant to stay or them. But always remember, God has better plans. For he knew that those people you’ve met at the tunnel you’ve been taking, you’ll meet them again—at the end.


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